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landscaping materials | Spencer, MA | Bond Construction | 508-885-2480
landscaping materials | Spencer, MA | Bond Construction | 508-885-2480

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: We accept: Cash, Checks and all Major Credit Cards.

Q: What size trucks do you deliver with?
A: We deliver with our own fleet of 10 wheeler dump trucks or we can recommend people with smaller trucks if that better fits your needs.

Q: Do you deliver outside of Massachusetts?
A: No, However we can refer you to delivery companies that would pick up material for you and deliver.

Q: Do your trucks have chutes?
A: No.

Q: Can I come down to see samples of your products?
A: Of Course!!! You can stop in anytime to view our products or come by just to ask some questions. You do not need to make an appointment first.

Q: Do I need to come in to order a delivery?
A: You can place your order over the phone, or you can come in and order one on one.

Q: Do I have to be there when you deliver?
A: Yes. We require a responsible adult to be at your location at time of delivery. We realize the value of your time and offer a half hour window when you can expect our arrival.

Q: Can I pick up sand or gravel with my pick-up or trailer?
A: Yes, but if you would like us to load you, you must have an open top so we can load from overhead. You are also welcome to shovel if you'd like a small amount.

Q: Is there a minimum amount I must buy for sand and gravel?
A: No. you can pick up any amount and you only pay for what you get. If you only get a pailfull, you pay for a pailfull.

Q: Do you have sandbox sand?
A: Yes. Our bricksand is great for sandboxes.

Q: Are you open Weekends?
A: Yes on Saturday (see our website for hours). Closed on Sunday.

Q: Are you open during the winter?
A: Yes. We are open year round. Please see our website for details.

Q: Do you do driveway installations?
A: No. However, we can recommend quality paving contractors for you to contact for a quote.

Q: Can I weigh my boat / camper / antique car / trailer?
A: Yes. we offer a state certified scale for all your weighing needs.

Q: Do you sell sand for horseshoe pits?
A: Yes. We recommend our Pool Liner Sand for this application.

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